A Guide To Men’s Socks

There is no limit when it comes to wearing socks. Just like everyone has their own preferred way of dressing, there are socks to suit everyone’s needs and preferences as well. Here are a few examples:

Athletic Socks: These types of socks are great for running or performing your usual workout. Many of them have embedded arch support which promotes less fatigue for the foot. Another benefit to these socks is that they will keep your feet dry from sweating.

Casual Socks: Casual Socks are your average everyday wear, and probably the most preferred by men. It’s plain, simple and affordable. They can be 100% cotton or cotton mixed with other synthetic fabrics like polyester. 100% cotton socks can be very comfortable, but they don’t absorb moisture very well. Once your feet get wet, they stay wet.

Dress Socks: Dress socks can be even more comfortable than cotton socks. The texture of many dress socks are smooth and silky which feel great against the skin. However, the range of materials vary. These socks are ideal for businessmen that like to or have to dress up everyday. Although it wouldn’t hurt to keep a pair or two for special occasions.

The Invisible Sock: This sock is meant for guys who prefer hardly no sock at all. It only covers the heel and the toes. It also works well with partially open shoes during the summer time.

Different Styles

Socks come in all kinds of styles, colors and patterns. There are ankle socks which don’t go above your ankles and are slightly visible from your shoe. Ankle socks are most often affiliated with casual or even athletic socks. Then you have crew¬†socks which come up to your lower to mid calves. A lot of men, especially athletes, tend to favor this sock now a days mainly for the look. Calf socks are also the ideal length for most dress socks. Lastly, there are knee socks which covers your calves and comes up to your knee. Knee socks are sort of a rare choice for men, especially when it’s hot. They are available in athletic, casual, and dress type socks. Besides soccer players and maybe golfers, you won’t catch too many guys walking around with the knee socks. Not unless they want to stand out.


You can have just a logo / text, an all over step and repeat design, stripes, argyle diamonds and much more.


One of the best things about choosing socks is the ease of selecting your size. Normally the socks will say either small, medium or large and a range in shoe size. For example, the small socks may be for Men with shoe sizes 6-10. Depending on where you go or which brands you buy, the numbers will vary.


The main purpose of a sock is to keep your feet warm, and to provide cushion to protect your feet from getting blisters from a hard shoe. As you can see, there are so many different styles to choose from. Which means these days, it’s all about the look. Many people tend to choose style such as bright colors, crazy patterns or even mix match over comfort. At the end of the day, sock is better than no sock.

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