A Guide To Women’s Socks

Women’s socks are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. You will find interesting designs and patterns on socks designed to wear with everything from ankle boots to sneakers. Because of the variety of styles of footwear for women, there are socks to fit each design for optimal comfort.

Socks are made to protect the feet from the rubbing caused by walking in shoes. However, choosing the right pair of socks takes a little effort. The type of fabric, the length of the socks, the thickness, style, are all important. Nonetheless, many women wear socks strictly for fashion and not for comfort.

Types of Women’s Socks

Walking Socks
People can walk longer than they can run; therefore, a sock with more cushion is required with excellent moisture balancing properties. Moisture is reduced in shoes and stops blisters from forming.

House Socks
House socks can be found in a ton of designs and colors. They are usually a bit thick, worn during the winter months, and have rubber grips underneath to prevent slipping.

Toe Socks
Toe socks are much like gloves. Each toe has its own socket; however, some women find them uncomfortable. They are more for fun than practicality.

Running / Cycling Socks
Socks for running or cycling sports usually go to the ankle or a bit higher and found in various thicknesses for good cushioning. Some women prefer thinner socks for better comfort depending on the type of running shoe they are wearing.

Ski Socks
Winter sports require a different type of sock. Ski socks are designed to shield feet from ski boot pressure points. The socks are made with additional padding on the bottom and the shin area. However, they are not designed for warmth.

Hiking Socks
Socks created especially for backpacking and hiking offer additional support and comfort for women who love to take long hikes. Dissimilar to other types of socks, these socks have additional cushioning on the heel and ball of the foot.

Mountaineering Socks
These extremely thick socks have additional bulk and cushioning along the heels and balls of the feet. This type of sock is usually quite high to complement tall mountaineering boots. They are great for harsh weather conditions and rough terrain as well.

Heated Socks with Batteries
Severe cold weather conditions are idea for heated socks. These socks are battery powered to generate heat and keep feet warm. However, they are not the best for outdoor sports during extreme weather conditions, as they do not absorb sweat well. Nonetheless, they are perfect for activities like ice fishing or watching sports outside during the cold months.

Athletic Socks
Sport or athletic socks are designed in a broad range of thicknesses, styles, and cuts. They are highly absorbent to catch sweat and stop blisters and designed to offer maximum support and comfort. Athletic socks can be used for a variety of activities.

Casual Socks
Casual and fashion socks can be used everyday in whichever way that suits the wearer. They are usually lightweight and can be purchased in an infinite variety of colors and patterns. In addition, they are produced in various fabrics and used more as a fashion statement than for anything therapeutic.

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