Cycling Socks

custom logo cycling socks

If you’re into cycling, whether it’s road, track cycling, mountain biking or cyclo-cross, you need a specific type of sock to ensure that the moisture generated by your feet won’t be absorbed in order to protect you from skin irritations and blisters.


Good cycling socks are made with special blends – usually a mix of nylon and ultra-wicking acrylic – that have wick moisture capability – which means they don’t include a blister-offender material such as cotton. What’s great about these socks is that they also keep your feet warm in a cold or humid weather.


Cycling socks come in two models: ankle and no-show. Ankle socks cover your ankle while no-show socks are cut right below your ankle in order to be hidden by your socks. In general, no-show socks are used in summer and spring while ankle socks are used in the fall and winter.


This is where you will find the biggest style differences between cycling specialties.
While road cycling socks are pretty neutral and standard when it comes to design – think solid colors – more extreme cycling sports go for bolder socks, usually making some kind of statement or featuring their team logo.


You have two options: you can go to a cycling store, which is the best place to find socks specifically made for cycling; if you are part of a team or club, you might want to create your own customized cycling socks models featuring your logo or motto.

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