How Socks Are Made

Making socks has been a pastime for the knitting enthusiast for generations. The invention of the knitting machine in the 1500s has changed the dynamics considerably. For bulk sock production, the use of machines was inevitable. There are commercial or industrial models and ones made for home use. Both need to be maintained and repaired accordingly. Beyond this, consideration is given to the types of yarn compatible to the machine being used.

Industrial machines used by custom manufacturers can produce dozens of pairs in a few hours. The commercialization of sock manufacturing requires the circular version of knitting machines. This method uses cylinders, which provides the ribbed effect for socks. The number of stitches determines the complexity of the ribs depth. For dress socks, the stitch number is higher, which gives the impression of tiny grooves. The stitch also determines the elasticity of socks. For example, dress socks can be stretched farther than thicker athletic socks. Regardless of the type of sock being produced, there is a second machine used to close the toe end. The last phase in the assembly process is boarding, which requires a third and final machine. This one is used to ensure it fits a foot.

Home knitting custom socks machines require more human interaction than the industrial model. For example, the basic steps include the selection of the correct type of yarn, adjusting the tension on the bands, selecting the stock stitch, step and repeat pattern, and more. In addition, the human hand is still essential for the initial threading of each needle in the bed as well as closing the toe ends by grafting. Because making socks is a hobby, knitters who enlist the services of machines are diligent about the one used.

There are simple machines, which can be operated by ages fourteen and up. Of course, ages younger than that can be trained on how to use it with adult supervision. It is recommended that research be done before purchasing a home knitting machine. Once it has been purchased, check that you have all the items in the box. After this, sit back and enjoy years of sock making.

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