Knee-High Socks

knee high socks

No one is quite sure when the first human wore the first socks, but it wasn’t longer after humanity invented the first shoe. Knee-high socks came not too long afterwards, and were worn by the Ancient Egyptians. Later, the Greeks from the Classical era proudly wore their knee-highs, even as they marched off to battle. The Ancient Romans issued each soldier a pair of knee-high socks to be laced up and worn with sandals.

Nowadays, knee-high socks are more of a fashion statement than military gear, but the British Army issued them to their men during the fighting in World War 1. The long, woolen knee-high socks helped keep the soldiers’ feet and legs dry during the heavy fighting in the trenches.

Today, knee-high socks are more popular for their stylish attributes. The eternally cute pairing of knee-high socks with a miniskirt will probably never go out of fashion, although it reached its peak in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Women also wear them for their warmth, and they serve equally well under jeans or trousers as they do under dresses or skirts with longer hemlines.

Another popular use of the knee high sock is for its absorbent properties. It’s not an uncommon choice for people sporting boots to wear knee high socks as they are excellent at absorbing perspiration. Knee high socks may also form part of the official school uniform for some girls. They are also part of the mandatory uniform for such sports as field hockey and women’s lacrosse. Knee-high socks might also be customized for your sports team or fashion line,

Although knee high socks are primarily worn by women, a variety of styles exist for men. A perennial classic in the locker room, knee high socks have been a staple choice for male athletes for ages. Knee high socks also form a mandatory part of the uniform for many men’s sports, including: football, soccer, basketball, baseball and even hockey. While it is true that knee high socks are rarely worn by men strictly to make a fashion statement, all of the top clothing designers have a line of knee high socks for men.

Knee high socks are also popularly worn by children, particularly toddlers and younger children. They are primarily chosen by parents for their ability to conserve body heat, and the longer model of socks make for an excellent insulator against the cold for younger, more sensitive children.

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